“For Nature” by Nima Benati celebrates the first eco-friendly collection

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In a world that keeps changing and that requires the support of all of us, we have decided to launch a renovation plan with a view to safeguarding Nature. (RE)MOVE – Freddy’s Sustainability Commitment – is a program aimed at making our manufacturing process increasingly sustainable. The WR.UP® SS/22 is the first collection created in pursuit of this great ambition: Removing waste to realign ourselves with our natural side. This is the first collection entirely made of eco-friendly fabrics.

The cotton of our garments is 100% organic with recycled elastomer.
We are working so that all our dyes can have low environmental impact and be free of harmful chemicals.
Accessories like zippers, buttons, plates, and elastics are all made of partially recycled material.
The garment tags are made of recycled paper.
The polyester comes from plastic bottles that have been recycled and turned into new fiber.
We have started ISO 14001 certification processes for our sites, as well as GOTS/OCS and GRS certification processes for our fabric suppliers.
All the bags of the collection will be made of biodegradable and compostable plastics.
In our offices we only use energy from 100% renewable sources.

The first WR.UP® collection dedicated to Nature

We inaugurate the Spring/Summer 2022 season putting Nature front and center. In this new WR.UP® collection, the use of eco-friendly fabrics is the starting point for a necessary renovation and shows our commitment to realign ourselves with our more intimate and natural side. And realigning ourselves with our natural side means first and foremost going back to our roots.

This is the reason why, behind the lens, the international photographer Nima Benati has given life to a series of bucolic shots that take inspiration from art and from the rhythms of Botticelli’s Primavera. A modern mythology featuring three nymphs, who are deities and bearers of contemporary values.

Aliana King, Chiara Scelsi, and Niki Wu Jie are the three models that have interpreted the will of Mother Nature. We find them immersed in a pristine atmosphere, frozen in time, yet not far from our emotional sensibility.

Nima has brought to the scene the respect and wonder for the rediscovery of Nature, which is the earth we walk on, the air we breathe and that surrounds us completely. A physical place and a state of the soul where harmony, beauty, love, and contemplation are tributes traced with rare delicacy, and above all, virtues able to return to us a world that we have long forgotten: Ours.

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