Available in two different styles, the N.O.W.® YOGA and the N.O.W.® Pant, both providing next-level comfort, functional pockets, and that form-fitted look you love from Freddy's.

Unlike the traditional stretch fabric, which only lengthens in one direction, the 100% bi-elastic jersey makes the trousers stretch in two directions. The result? "N.O.W.® Pants are softer, lighter and more comfortable, molding to your body without getting creased. The comfort and lightness of cotton jersey discover the timeless charm of denim.

Unbelievably comfortable: Unique jersey denim 100% bi-elastic stretch in both directions so you can move comfortably without limits.

Flattering tapered high waisted style: The most comfortable and stylish waist size available. Note: Now Yoga has a fold-over waistband to adjust it from high rise to classic rise, and hold the pant comfortably in place, no belt needed!

5 functional pockets: Featuring real pockets are functional for your convenience and Freddys famous 4-way stretch material that means the pants move with you all day, every day.

N.O.W.® Yoga difference: Buttonless and zipless styles that bring your comfort to the next level. Invisible belt loops are here for a sleek and stylish look.

N.O.W.® Pants difference: Two buttons and zip for the ones who prefer it like that. With an adjustable belt, you can make them fit just right! Prefer to go beltless? Well, that’s fine because you will be looking sleek with our invisible belt loops.

N.O.W.® YOGA VS N.O.W.® Pant

✓Buttonless ✓Zipless ✓Hidden belt loops ✓5 functional pocket ✓100% bi-elastic ✓Stretch jersey fabric
✓Flattering tapered high waisted style


✓ Two buttons ✓ Hidden belt loops ✓ 5 functional pocket
✓ Adjustable belt to fit most body types ✓ 100% bi-elastic
✓ Stretch jersey fabric ✓ Flattering tapered high waisted style

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