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(WRUP1HS204-N) Leather Look WR.UP® Snake-Skin met Hoge Taille
Take fashion to the next level with WR.UP® Skinny Trousers! This special design features faux leather and snakeskin pattern with a flattering, high waist push-up that shapes your silhouette. 
Sold Out
(WRUPSNUG2HS222-J20G) Woven Denim WR.UP® Ripped Jeans met Hoge Taille
Our Woven Denim WR.UP® Ripped Jeans feature a high waist and push-up design to fit and enhance your curves, made with acid-washed woven denim for a touch of edgy style. These jeans provide the perfect balance of comfort and fashion so...
€139.00 €83.40
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